For a while I was an employee then I was a freelancer now I am an independent. But what does that mean. Independent of what? It's not about non-conformatey, or anarchy. Its about a clear and un compromised ethos when approaching business revenue methodology . I asked myself recently can collaboration successfully take place with a group of independents? I know that it can and is manifested best when a social knowledge of each others strengths and weaknesses is understood.

This post is about Independent business. In particular a client I have been officially working with since securing LAMAS finding with £1000 match funding. I have been a client for Sutherland and Barnett for many years. Craig Barnett has cut my hair for longer than I care to share! Lifestyle businesses are perfect for Facebook engagement.

Unique identity and independence are things Andrew Sutherland and Craig Barnett prize. Apart from making sense of their existing web presence we initiated Twitter @SandBhair and a Facebook page.

The fact there is a Mr Sutherland and Mr Barnett I thought this was an isight customers needed to be aware of. Both are passionately and actively present in the day to day operations of the salon. This short video is our first social media piece. We have another media piece which is currently in production and due for release in October.