Business as usual, 2022 has begun.

The Creative Producing Diploma cohort led by Chris Grady are entering the second half of the course. Over Christmas we have each been tasked to develop our first comprehensive budget and investment pack for a project.

For me this is to take the founding steps for a new PCM entity PCMimmersive and it’s first physical production along with the conception manifesto for the Metaverse extension to provide the PCM audience a world to transcend presence, giving quantum purpose to access physical, digital and virtual experiences of the same singular central performance.

Attend - Watch - Observe - Participate

What does it mean to purchase a ticket where you exist with the choice of physical, digital and virtual across an engagement spectrum.

Can each augment the other?

The physical experience is geo locked, maintains a finite capacity each time.

The digital experience is home bound and satellite, maintains curiosity before and after all the time.

The virtual experience is evolution and beyond, maintains play and adventure stimulating new experiences.

The audience are central as collaborators, the company as observers, investors attend and a community emerges to support new work by creators influence by the possibility of story enhanced by technology.

Teach, Entertain, Engage

When I first really began thinking about what the next phase of PCM would give I knew it must come from a truth. A quest for a truth.

With the technology wrapper as a tour-able venue it will champion the pioneer mobile traveling theatre that began with Century Theatre and its days on the road.

The produced, commissioned and programmed work will explore neurodiverse and non binary casting. The first proof of concept production will use a script written to be ‘performed by 3 humans’.

To see this filled me with hope that alternative structures are surfacing and the future is ever nearer.

So how much is this going to cost? That is what I’m feeding into the spreadsheet the scope of which has been imparted so knowledgeably by Chris and the CGO faculty.

So guess this is part 1…