I met up with Masha today to get an update and some direction on updating the website. Updating on The Secret Kitcken Cafe site is usually in real-time. Photos are tagged before posting them to Instagram which are fed to the Instagram inbed from Instush Marsha's blog which in a Weebly feature (Marsha's site is built and hosted on Weebly) is displayed on the homepage using Tintup. Also across a wider selections of social networks on the Around the Web is a full page embed from RebelMouse. RebelMouse can be used as a great real-time media stream moderator during events. Thats another post!

Today was about creating an archive page for the International Food Evening last month, out of it's promotion page. This involved tracking down all the tagged media from the event and embedding the appropriate platform widgets. Done that now.

There may be more media to add and some copy to include but the event has a legacy page where those wanting to remember the event can go and others to see what they missed! Also because it was the 'page' that was reworked the URL to the event publicity will still work.

There was also exciting news about the funding and new opportunities for funding. More about that soon. But for now the media making continues with Instagram photos, Audioboo's and the sites blog, keeping the home page fresh, Twitter and Facebook buttons as well as a sign up link for Friends of Family Cafe on the homepage too. This is a low maintenance web presence. Just the way I like it. That way I can spend more time with Marsha planning the next chapter. Perpetual Storyboarding.