Digital Declutter or Death to the Facebook Algorithm.

How do you access the internet? What devises do you use? Where?

For me it’s Desktop and Mobile, work and not work, studio office and elsewhere.

When ‘in the office’, browser access tab by tab I tend to check notifications but not general feeds and update. On mobile however I find myself mindlessly opening social media apps in oblivious rotation scrolling between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This time last year (the start of 2021) the compulsion was disturbing and distracting. Delete the apps. It’s quite liberating as a small step of self control. Waking in the morning my thought processes did not immediately turn to mindless scrolling. Habitual energies are not always reinforced positive pathways.

I challenge you to delete those apps that you know are facilitating mindless scrolling.

From my mobile today I deleted Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

Pausing, taking deep breaths while looking up at the ceiling is ok. Be present. It’s surprisingly rare with the ever ubiquitous wifi and internet enabled to hand devises.

This has been a peculiar post to write. People become quite defensive about having their capacity to manage their scrolling habits challenged.

I highly recommend the holding of an icon, get the jiggle, action the options menu and select delete from devise. Yes you can re install at any time. It’s a modern life lesson that needs to me more that a theory.

Do it!

As with last year I eventually returned them to my routine but with reflection and mediated internal dialogue.

I have more liminal cognition to explore. Duolingo at the very least forwards my aspiration to comprehend a second language.

I’m tempted to remove news apps as an exercise. Recently the Facebook current affairs news feed has fed my news scrolling. I’ve seen the Social Dilemma and Removing Facebook was deliberated because I found the news received was dare I say it well balanced between hard news and magazine fluff. It had to go! It’s Facebook for fuck sake. Bubble inducing, oblivion prescribed cul-de-sac for my mind, body and soul. The coming together of those 3 components is not best realised through Facebook.

Death to the algorithm. It is not my friend.

If this resonated with you. Delete just one app. Let me know in the comments. If you feel it’s an unnecessary exercise, all power to you. Only you really know the truth.

Wow that’s a whole new train of thought!

Thanks for reading.

PS. The irony is not lost on me that this post is shared to Facebook and Twitter. This is about mindless freedom. Closing a door while keeping the windows open!