Dragonesses' Den - Women are doing it for themselves?

Back in May I was invited to deliver a short workshop about understanding Facebook at a Women in Nottingham networking event at BioCity after a fellow female practitioner was unable to accept the invite. The session turned in to a 101 in online identity and Facebook. Subsequently I received an email invite to the following WIN event at the New Exchange Art Centre. A few days later I received an email inviting participation in the Women Mean Business Dragonesses' Den.

Now anyone who knows me knows I am not an advocate of gender biased networking events. Men need female energies and Women need male energies… business need balanced energies. Well, in my humble opinion anyway. Truth be told I'm never at ease in all female company and never feel I belong in all male company although I feel more at ease. I spent many years working in all male environment often being the lone female or only one of a few on an extended team. So I was very nervous stepping out of my comfort zone. I had a really good time if a little self conscious.

But I digress… on receiving this email I decided to put myself forward as I do like to share knowledge and expertise and thought I could offer this on a panel to provide advise to new business start-up entrepreneurs despite their genetic development when the egg met the sperm.

They invited me to take part.


Have you got a business idea that you’d like to explore?

Enter the Women Mean Business, Dragonesses’ Den.

The Dragonesses’ Den will provide a panel of local, established business women and entrepreneurs who will be able to offer you the benefit of their experience. I feel quite humbled to be included and I'll be even more nervous than attending the September Women in Nottingham event.

The event will take place on Wednesday 23rd October, 6pm – 8.30pm, at Nottinghamshire Deaf Society

To book yourself into the Dragonesses’ Den, simply call Bright Ideas on 0115 837 9474 or email on events@brightideasnottingham.co.uk

See you there
This is my Dragonesses' Den biography. Bring your social technology and online audience engagement questions.