Labour of Love or Clinging to a Cliche?

This is not about the creative industries but applying a personal creative talent to the industry you find yourself gainfully employed. I always wanted to work in the entertainment Industry, specifically in theatre. Been there, Did that and I have a draw of t-shirts! After working as a stage manager I turned my attentions to web technologies and web presence development. I remained looking for work in the in the arts and culture sectors.

Lets take events managers and conference organisers. Their skill set is their talent and the choice of company and the clientele shape their industry experience and establish their expertise as event professionals servicing a particular industry. Another example are journalists. There sports, media, engineering, technology, travel, education, current affairs, architecture, law and property sectors to name but a few. They have writers who specialise in writing within these industries. They are all 'journalists' but work within a multitude of industries where their passions lie. As journalists they share best practice and are members of associations that look after their interests, negotiate contracts and regulate their working practices. The fundamental focus for each of them is their industry that work in not the industry of journalism.

This goes a little way to express my current frustration with the obsession of the over used 'creative' label. The industry focus is being lost.

Businesses employ 'creatives' web designers, developers, copywriters, illustrators, art workers, bloggers, marketers etc the audience, the customers are industry related.

Be creative but acknowledge your industry passion. That is your content. Join a professional association to represent your interests. Don't join the land of the lost.