Responding to your internal SOS

First day of having a few hours at my desk.
Reflectly app - take a photo of what makes you happy
I immediately snapped Dan.
Daily Quote. "Change the way you look at thinks and the things you look at change." Want W Dyer
Dec 26 2020 was our 25th anniversary.
First thing I mindfully found my self checking was my pcm productionoffice inbox. At the end of 2020 (this year) I tackled the email inbox. Aspiring not to inbox zero but inbox mastery.
Management of the data in is reflective on the management and processing of the data out.
Fabulous App - 7 day journaling challenge.
I have an affection for this app. Right now its a bit overwhelming with all the potential challenges. So much so that I can’t follow the one challenge I selected!
Crafting accountability with out construction a crutch is foremost in my mind. Habitual routines are important for structure but setting expectation too high leads to disappointment in the self.
Sustainbility is an aspiration that I fail at most yet seems to be a soft goal.
Habits for regularity… default
  • Walk
  • Water
  • Wake
  • Write
  • Breakfast
  • Weekday at desk by 10am
  • End the working day at 6.00 pm
  • Saturday bacon cob
  • Sunday NoNet Day
I’d like to be fitter and slimmer
Back to my inbox. I wonder if anyone is interested in my email realignment story?