Essential App in Social Media Womble Toolkit

6 seconds of video! When this app was released I discovered a new neurosis. Vine envy!

Vine can capture a moment, the sound, the sight, the buzz. Open the app, hold a finger on the screen and the pale green bar shows you the time taken and stored. Lift your finger and it stops. 6 single seconds, or multiple mini captures to flicker book a moment.

There are several Vines included in this series of ShiftHappens V posts. Just one medium I selected to capture my day as an audience member.

I am getting more skilled. The seamlessly looping vine is the holly grail. Can you tell a story in 6 seconds? Browse the app and think about the elements or activities of your world can be shared on Vine.

Mini showcasing made awesomely simple.

Showing off a creation


The fun of illusion with creative thinking

Have a go your self -