Social Media Womble's first post

In the beginning... there was stuff!

Back in… August 1 2011 by CJ Lyon

Making use of of the devises, apps, tools, platforms and services that proliferate the modern 21st Century Internet age for me and you is what I do best. Developers, StartUps, Entrepreneurs; they are all looking for the next new thing, Early adopter are the beta testers of this technological world. The tools, apps, etc that make it beyond the harsh scrutiny of usability combined with the sociability success of the architects make it in to the mainstream. We, the people of this age, the various generations with open arms to embrace new advances then get our hand on gadget and gismos. Some of us are on the highway moving along roadstop by roadstop recognising the transformational potential on our daily lives with curiosity and awe.

Others uncomprehendingly don't see the will never catch on...their mantra reluctantly being dragged along. Some are born and are exposed the moment they take their first breath the magic lost on them but no less tied in to the wave of evolution. I hope you get my point.

The Social Media Womble M.O is 'making good use' this blog is the stuff I've discovered, found fit for purpose, repurposed to suit a need or found can make my life more fun or more efficient. I also have to make a living so if I can 'use the things that I find' to facilitate businesses to do the same the circle is complete.

Update August 21 2013

The Social Media Womble original blog was on a blogging platform called Posterous. Posterous was acquired by Twitter and consequently closed down in April 2013. This incarnation of The Social Media Womble blog is to step up my written output and be more 'me' online. I'm not a big personal Facebooker. I do like to tweet and read topic filtered streams. I like to follow stories and I like to explore the application of digital tools for cost effective use and effective communication in teams and to audiences with the Arts and Culture sectors. I 'inhabit' several online networks I manage on behalf of clients who I work closely with to reach and engage with their audiences. I'm a digital stage manager connecting online and off line through events, resources, media, UGC (user generated content) and social networks to create sustainable audiences.

This blog is using a platform called and it's CMS (Content Management System) is Evernote.

There is a Social Media Womble Twitter account too @SocialWomble