Streaming to avoid audience disappointment.

Theatre and Audience are intertwined. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around does it make a sound?

If a curtain raises and no audience is present does the show go on?

There is nothing more depressing than the idea of performing with less audience than members of the cast.

The fourth wall is more porous than ever in the dawning light of the Metaverse. Proscenium, thrust, in the round and promenade theatrical styles have been joined and consumed in some cases by the new kid on the block, immersive.

Theatre is an immersive experience. It starts by crossing thresholds.

Where the story is received. Where the suspension of disbelief is expected. Where the participation is explored and established as a contact of exchange. Boundaries and limitations are negotiated through marketed promise and the purchase of a ticket.

Is that enough?

What are your experience of "immersive".

Don’t hold back!

If you can give production context even better.

Is there a place for theatre that attracts an audience that doesn’t sit together? Does the audience have to sit together for the observed experience to be theatre?